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The GMF – Group of Ferroic Materials, located at the Physics Department of the Federal University of São Carlos, since 80´s, works on the fundamentals and applications of ferroic materials  helped by the efforts of its research team (undergraduate and graduate students, pos-docs, visiting scholars and faculty academic&staff). Many of the GMF research and extension projects are developed in partnership with groups from Brazilian and/or foreigner institutions. The group has achieved expertise on the material development and applications based on ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics,  electrooptics and multiferroics. Also, the GMF lab facilities allow fully electroceramics property characterization and the variety of equipment and experimental setups enable the analysis of the structural, electric, dielectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, elastic, magnetoeletric and electrooptical properties of the materials.

Financial Resources and Fellowships: the GMF research and extension projects are usually supported by Brazilian research funding agencies (FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES, FINEP,…) or by other international agencies (CYTED, OPAS, CONICET, CONACYT,…). For undergrad and grad student training or pos-doc fellowships there are a variety of opportunities through calls for application from the Department of Physics Graduate Program or from national funding agencies (CAPES, CNPq or FAPESP).


  • Novel materials synthesis of ferroelectric, piezoelectric and multiferroic nanostructured ceramics and composites
  • Non-conventional ceramic processing (hot-pressing or hot-forging, two-step sintering, spark plasma sintering)
  • Structure-microstructure-property relations
  • Fundamentals and phenomenology of (multi)ferroic materials
  • Development of devices based on ferroelectric, piezoelectric and multiferroic materials



Material and device characterization under ASTM International standarts:

  • Elastic moduli (10K – 400K)
  • Dielectric permittivity and loss (100Hz – 13Gz / 10K – 700K)
  • Electrical Conductivity (10K – 700K)
  • Piezoelectric coefficients and coupling factors.


Lectures and short courses on applications of dielectric, ferroelectrics and piezoelectrics and consulting services on:

  • Synthesis and processing of (multi)ferroic ceramics, thin films and composites
  • Design and characterization of sensor and actuator devices based on piezoelectric materials


Applications for the Graduate Program of the Physics Department, please, access < >.


Equipments for:


Powder Synthesis and Ceramic Processing


Non-Conventional Processing of Bulk and Nanostructured Ceramics


Synthesis and Processing of 2D Nanostructures


Characterization Techniques and Equipments



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The GMF is a research group at the Physics Department of the Federal University of São Carlos, located  in São Carlos city that is 230 Km far from São Paulo metropolis. A route taking Bandeirantes and Washington Luís Highways connects the two cities, São Paulo and São Carlos. Also, as an alternative, there is the route taking Anhanguera and Washington Luís Highways.  Each half hour, at least one bus from the intercity bus companies  Empresa Cruz and Viação Cometa departures from São Paulo Bus Station Tietê to São Carlos. Nearby airports:

  • Dr. Leite Lopes Airport – Ribeirão Preto: read more
  • Viracopos International Airport (VCP) – Campinas: read more
  • Congonhas International Airport (CGH) – São Paulo: read more
  • Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) – São Paulo: read more

  Correspondence address:  Grupo de Materiais Ferroicos Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de São Carlos Rod. Washington Luís, Km 235 – São Carlos – SP – Brasil CEP 13565-905 Phone: +55 16 3351 8227   E-mail:   Coordinates: W 47°  53′ 01″ S  21° 59′ 00,5″   To contact, please, fill out the form below: